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    To many, insurance is just a piece of paper and a necessary evil, however given the various exposures in your industry, insurance is a vital component to your business' success.

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    Some insurance companies may use manuscript policy forms to limit how coverage applies. Be sure to review your coverage forms as not all policy forms are the same.

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    One fight can put you out of business. That is, unless you have the right coverage. Don't wait until you have a claim to ensure that you are properly covered.

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    Aside from competitive premiums, our Team offers a myriad of services that can help reduce your overall risk and save you on your premiums in the coming years.

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Employment Practices

With unemployment still on the rise, employment related practices claims continue to grow.  Consider Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) for your business to protect your business from claims of FLSA violations, wrongful termination, etc.


Liquor Liability Coverage

When purchasing Liquor Liability coverage, it's best to purchase a General Liability policy that also affords this coverage under the same policy cover.  Having two carriers fighting against each other in the event of a claim is the last thing that you want.


Utility Service Interruption

When the lights go out, many venue owners are surprised to find that they are not covered for the loss of income associated with an offsite Utility Service interruption.  This is not typically covered under the standard Commercial Property policy, however our program carrier has the flexibility of offering sublimits for this coverage.


Workers Compensation

A majority of standard insurers shy away from insuring the hospitality industry, especially those with extended hours or high liquor sales.  We have unique carriers that have a true understanding of these risks and are able to write these venues competitively.  Additionally, we offer policy term audit assistance and experience modifcation reviews at no additional cost to our policyholders.  read more...


One fight can put you out of business.  That is, unless you have the right coverage.

It is a common misconception to think that Assault and Battery only applies when your security or staff assaults a patron.  As a venue owner, you are susceptible to claims brought against you for incidents whereby one patron was assaulted by another.  Not all insurance policies automatically include Assault and Battery (A&B) coverage.  Our insurance program offers coverage limits on a "silent" or sublimit basis with limits ranging from $25,000 to $1,000,000.


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Indemnity Insurance Corporation, a Risk Retention Group providing liability insurance coverage to the hospitality industry, was subject to a downgrade by AM Best following a confidential seizure of the company by State of Delaware insurance regulators.  Indemnity now faces liquidation.  more